thnikk's keypads

Keypads for rhythm games!

lightbulb_outline LED effects

All keypads feature at least one RGB LED for different lighting effects. The macropad uses this LED as an indicator and all other models have several selectable modes.

sort_by_alpha Remap

Each button can be mapped to up to three keys, including modifiers. Perfect for both Osu! and professional applications like Photoshop.

code Open Source and Hackable

No drivers required! Configuration can be done through the remapper.


Easy to use

Just download and run. No configuratrion required*

Remap to up to 3 printable characters or modifiers

Use it for simple mapping in video games like osu or for your favorite keyboard shortcuts like ctrl+alt+z.


Use the recommended program Termite(pre-configured) or one of many others including PuTTY, screen, or even the Serial Monitor built into the Arduino IDE!

*The driver may need to be installed for Windows systems on 8.1 or lower.