thnikk's keypads

Keypads for rhythm and fighting games

Documented - Plug and play - Hot-swappable switches


Keyboard-like fightstick for the desktop

shopping_cart Fightboard

height LP and MX versions

Versions for both Kailh Choc and Cherry MX switches.

keyboard Keyboard-like layout

Designed for better ergonomics for desktop use. When you're not using it, you can easily put it away in a drawer.

filter_8 Multiple profiles

Switch between 8 customizable profiles for different games on-the-fly, each with its own button mappings and colors to match the game.

osu! Keypads

Keypads for osu! standard, Taiko, and Mania

shopping_cart Keypads

height Hot-swappable switches

Hot-swap sockets allow you to use any Cherry MX-compatible switches.

code Open source firmware

The firmware is fully open-source, so you can make any changes you'd like.

lightbulb_outline LED modes

Pick one of the pre-made LED modes or set each key to a custom color of your choice.

swap_horiz Remappable

Remap to (almost) any keyboard key.